Frequency of the Surname Lojkásek in the Czech Republic

From: Ministry of Interior (April 1st, 2004). Note that names Lojkásek and Lojkásková are the same names. The former is male and the latter female names.

94 Lojkásek and 102 Lojkásková individuals existed at that time. On the descending line up of surnames from the most frequent, this surname ended up on 8769 and 8408 spots respectively.

Distribution of the Lojkasek's Name across the Czech Republic

Taken from the 2005 Phone Book. This is likely incomplete, since not everybody has wired or listed phone.

In the vicinity of the area,
believed the surname, originated.
Town Frequency
Český Těšín 1
Frýdek-Místek 4
Frýdlant n. Ostr. 3
Havířov 1
Hukvaldy 1
Jablunkov 1
Karviná 1
Nový Jičín 1
Ostrava 10
Ostravice 6
Pražmo 1
Třinec 1
Zubří 1
Total 32
Other areas of the country.
Town Frequency
Brno 3
Bruntál 3
Hodonín 3
Janov 1
Krnov 1
Opava 1
Praha 7
Total 19
Grand Total 51